Race for the Drams – Last Orders

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We’ve had a couple of games in recent times where we could have picked up some points if we’d just had the rub of the green – we were eventually undone by Glengarry 4-1 at Craigard, and Kilmallie were mightily relieved to be the eventual victors in a 4-3 epic at Canal Parks.  Both games resulted in goals so there has been movement on the Race for the Drams, where the BGT promises to buy a bottle of whisky for any Lewis Camanachd players who reaches 10 goals in a season.

It looks like Donald is within touching distance of the drams – he has three fixtures left in which to be only the third individual to hit double figures in a season. Maybe a late burst from Will or Scott could grab them a bottle as well but it looks like Mr Lamont is making big strides towards the title of top-scorer and a bottle of the best blend money can buy.

Donald Lamont 8

Scott MacLeod 6

Paul Duke 5

Will Church 4

Kenny Murray 3

Duncan MacIntyre 2

Ally Lamont 2

Connor Chalmers 1

Eoghan Stewart 1


Four In A Row at HebCelt!

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A record equalling four goals from Donald and a double from Scott made it a fourth in a row HebCelt title for the club.  Uist brought a good squad, thanks to Keith, Graham and Joseph organising, and the 6-nil scoreline was not a fair reflection of their application and effort, although it was well deserved on our side thanks to the clinical scoring by the lads. It was Duncan’s first trophy as manager and will hopefully build for the rest of the season.

Thanks to Sean Cameron for refereeing, Crawford MacLellan for presenting the trophy and to all the youngsters who turned up for the youth game at noon, young Zander MacRae visiting from Kinlochshiel was named player of the match after a 3-3 draw.

A massive thank you to Caroline MacLellan and all at the Hebridean Celtic Festival for their support and hospitality, Runrig were frankly awesome! Official pics were taken by Colin Cameron but old friend of the club Iain Cochrane was also on hand with some snaps. and they can be seen below.

Craig Morrison Stornoway Sixes – Simply the Best!

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craigsixes2016a craigsixes2016b craigsixes2016c

Last Wednesday saw a great night in memory of two Morrisons who are greatly missed by all the shinty community in Lewis.

The Craig Morrison Stornoway Sixes had their second midweek running after last year’s successful trial and it once again proved an excellent addition to HebCelt week.

For the first time there was a youth competition, with three teams, the Bocan Boys, the Tolsta Terrors and the Juniors. It was won by the Tolsta Terrors with Seumas Mac a’ Ghobhainn winning the local young player of the tournament prize and Calum Murray of Glasgow Gaels winning the overall player of the tournament.

The awards were presented by Murdo Morrison, father of the late Diane Morrison. Diane passed away suddenly in 2012 , and in her memory a collection as made from all the players which raised over £150 for the British Heart Foundation, for whom the family have tirelessly fundraised since her untimely passing. The club will now make hold this collection at the event every year.

The senior tournament saw a three team double round robin, with both teams playing each other twice. There were Al’s Pals (captained by Al Reed), Simply the Best (Michael MacLeod) and Fiorentina Turner (Peter Gomez).

Simply the Best 2 (Donald 2) – 0 Fiorentina Turner

Simply the Best 2 (Donald 2) – 2 Al’s Pals (Will 2)

Al’s Pals 2 (Ally 2) – 0 Fiorentina Turner

Fiorentina Turner 0 – Simply the Best 1 (Conal)

Al’s Pals 3 (Ally 2, Will) – Simply the Best 1 (Donald)

Fiorentina Turner 1 (Lisa) – Al’s Pals 0

The results meant that Simply the Best and Al’s Pals were tied on points, so a penalty shootout was held. Donald’s penalty snuck past Eoghan so the title went to Michael’s team. He received the shield from Craig’s father Graham and mother Kareen and other members of the family who were in attendance.

Rory MacDiarmid was named young player of the tournament, but all the youngsters who took part in the adult competition, including Steven Morrison, Robert Kearney, Lisa Mason, the Murray brothers and Rory’s own brother Conal all looked promising for the future.

Ally Lamont edged his brother and Steven Morrison for player of the tournament thanks to some incredible strikes which threatened to burst the net.

Kareen said afterwards that Craig would have loved the event. He was a great, enthusiastic personality and his loss in 2009 was a terrible blow to all his family and friends. We look forward to playing tribute to him for many years to come.


Race for the Drams – HebCelt Update

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#HebCelt weekend made for some interesting swings in the Race for the Drams, both Scott and Donald making big strides and threatening the Bottle!

Donald Lamont 7

Scott MacLeod 6

Paul Duke 5

Will Church 4

Duncan MacIntyre 2

Kenny Murray 1

Connor Chalmers 1

Eoghan Stewart 1

Ally Lamont 1


Hebridean Celtic Festival Shinty Marks 10 Glorious Cup Finals

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It was a small fringe event that has grown into one of the must see non-musical events at every Hebridean Celtic Festival. It is hard to believe that Festival Saturday will see the tenth running of the Hebridean Celtic Festival Inter-Island Shinty Cup between Lewis and Uist.

Shinty is an exciting Gaelic sport played by two teams of twelve with curved wooden sticks on a playing area double that of a football field. It is fast, frenetic and full of passion, especially when played by two sides which neighbour each other, and the island rivalry is one of the keenest in the sport.

Shinty, also known as Camanachd or Iomain, was the Western Isles’ indigenous sport, as much a part of the native culture as Gaelic language and music, but it died out after the large social changes brought about by the Great War as well as the difficulties in accessing competitions on the mainland. In the 1990s the sport was first reintroduced to Uist and Lewis, but it wasn’t until the mid-noughties that momentum started to build.

However, the opportunities for competition were still limited, so Camanachd Leòdhais approached the Hebridean Celtic Festival to create an inter-island competition to be played during the festival. The 2007 game was played against a select of festival-goers but since 2008 it has been versus Uist Camanachd.

The competition has contributed massively to the development of the sport throughout the Western Isles. It is a showcase game which has provided exposure and experience. The Lewis club have played now regularly in the national leagues since 2011 and whilst Uist are not engaged in regular competition, they have successfully exported players across Scotland and many will have made the long journey to home to play for their island.

Every year has seen the match improve in standard, drama and in the size of the crowd which it attracts. It is played at the picturesque Bayhead pitch directly to the right of the bridge across to the main arena, so you can catch the play before making your way to the musical entertainment.

Gaga Shinty Lewis Camanachd

As the Royal National Mòd is held in the Western Isles this year, both sides will face each other again in the Mòd Cup in October but this in no way diminishes the spectacle and stakes of playing in front of a crowd of hundreds for the “HebCelt”. Lewis won a close match last year to secure three in a row, but Uist will be desperate to upstage their Hebridean rivals, which means a great game is guaranteed.

The Festival is yet again, as is traditional, providing hospitality to both teams and Caroline MacLennan, the Festival Director said: “The partnership of shinty and HebCelt is as unique as it is enduring with the Challenge Cup assisting the continued renaissance of shinty in the islands led by the Lewis and Uist Camanachd Clubs.  This spectacle provides festival-goers with an intense sporting spectacle as part of the Festival Fringe and the Festival provides a magnificent opportunity for the exposure of this excellent sport in the Outer Hebrides.”

With Runrig closing the Big Stage this year, their famous shinty song, the “Clash of the Ash”, will be ringing out to the accompaniment of two squads of shinty players, one defeated, one victorious, but both having played their hearts out.

Camanachd Leòdhais v Uist Camanachd

Hebridean Celtic Festival Inter-Island Shinty Challenge Cup

Bayhead, 2pm, Saturday 16th July


Race for the Drams – July begins

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Dukey is still in the lead but the masses are gathering. Ten goals is the mark though and games are growing short.
Paul Duke 5

Will Church 4

Scott Macleod 4

Donald Lamont 3

Duncan MacIntyre 2

Kenny Murray 1

Connor Chalmers 1

Eoghan Stewart 1

Ally Lamont 1



Duais Camanachd Leòdhais Winner 2016 – Anna Isla MacRae

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Meal a naidheachd air Anna Isla NicRàth, a’ chiad neach riamh a thog duais airson iomain aig Sgoil MhicNeacail. Fhuair Anna an urram agus duais ùr a chur an club air adhart airson a thoirt seachd gach bliadhna airson oidhirp a chur a-steach gu iomain anns na sgoiltean. Tha Anna glè airidh air agus ise ag obair gu dìcheallach leis an òigridh anns na bun-sgoiltean, sgioba na h-àrd-sgoile agus sgioba nam ban aig Camanachd Leòdhais.

Congratulations to Anna Isla MacRae, the first ever recipient of the shinty prize at the Nicolson Institute. Anna received the honour, a new award donated by the club to be presented every year to the individual who shows the most endeavour in developing shinty in schools. Anna is very deserving of this honour as she has worked tirelessly with the youth in the primaries, the high school team and with the Lewis Camanachd Blones.

Here she is receiving her prize from Nicolson Institute Gaelic Medium PE teacher and shinty coach Ally Lamont.

Anna Nicolson Prize

Kings of the Castle – Bun Sgoil Steornabhaigh InterHouse Quaich

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On Wednesday 22 June, at Stornoway Primary, the four house shinty teams competed for the Inter House Shinty Quaich.

Castle were first, Glen second, Ranol 3rd & Creed 4th. Castle captain, Calum Ross was player of the tournament. Calum has been a standout player for Lewis Camanachd U14s and for Stornoway in the Cupa na Sgire recently.

Thanks to Stornoway Primary, and Headteacher Annette Murray for the long standing support the school has given shinty for over a decade now.

Lewis 2 – Kingussie 9

June 22nd, 2016 No comments

Kingussie (with Ronald Ross in tow) made their first ever visit to the Western Isles, and whilst the scoreline was weighted quite heavily towards the North Division One side, who were a classy outfit and well deserved their victory, it wasn’t a true reflection of the balance of play and the application of our boys. Will and Ally were the scorers, and Donald was unlucky to have a goal chopped off for offside as well, and we were unlucky at both ends. A decent run-out for the lads but an end to our cup adventures for the year.


Photos by Conor Macdonald

Cupa na Sgire 2016 – Na Lochan a’ buannachadh!

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Na Lochan - Winners Cupa na Sgire 2016

Na Lochan – Winners Cupa na Sgire 2016

Bha latha uamhasach math ann Disathairne aig Siabost. Chluich oigridh Camanachd Leodhais ann am farpais sgireil airson a’ chiad uair ann am bliadhnaichean. Bha tri sgiobaidhean ann – An Taobh Siar, Na Lochan agus Steornabhagh. Bha na h-aireamhan caran iseal leis gun robh co-fharpais ball-coise a’ dol (iochd!) ach bha farpais sgoinneil ann eadar an fheadhainn a chluich.

Is e na Lochan a bhuannaich an fharpais air fad, ach bha deagh chluich aig a h-uile sgioba agus cluicheadair a bha an lathair. Chaidh Cupa na Sgire, an sgiath a thug SCOTS Camanachd dhuinn ann an 2009, a thoirt do Ruairidh MacIlleinein, sgiobair nan Loch le Donnchadh Mac an t-Saoir, manaidsear a’ chiad sgioba.

Taing mhor dhan a h-uile duine a thug taic dhan latha.

Lochs v West Side
2 (Ruairidh Maclennan) – 2 (Morgan Macsween)
5 (1 Ruairidh / 3 Innes Begg / 1 Robert Kearney) – 1 (Seumas Smith)

Lochs v Stornoway
3 (2 Innes / 1 Robert) – 0
1 (Robert Kearney) – 1 (Owen Mackenzie)

Stornoway v West Side
2 (Owen) – 5 (3 Morgan / 1 Lisa Mason / 1 Allisha Mason)
0 – 5 (3 Lisa / 2 Morgan)

Lochs 10 points
West Side 8 points
Stornoway 4 points

Top goal scorer – Morgan Macsween 7

A great day at Shawbost for the first Cupa na Sgire. Lots of great play from the three sides, Stornoway, Lochs and West Side, but it was Lochs who won a hard fought tournament. The new trophy, which is the repurposed shield gifted to the club by the SCOTS Shinty Club in 2009, was given by Duncan MacIntyre to Ruairidh MacLennan, Lochs Captain. Thansk to all who made the event possible.