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Shinty Camans

Choosing the right caman for yourself is vital.  You have a choice of either a defenders, midfielders or a forwards, made by the different suppliers listed below.

Check out the Art of the Caman maker which shows John Sloggie and his wife making some munro camans.

munro caman

a Munro caman

Defenders caman

These tend to have the largest slope on the face of the caman, giving the ability to get a fair bit of height on the ball.  They also tend to be the heaviest sticks however and are typically only suited to the likes of  “the Gaga” who are strong enough to wield them, usually you’d be better off with a midfielders stick.

Midfielders caman

Lighter than a defenders caman, you can get just as much lift with a midfielders stick as you can with a defenders stick.  Some suppliers (not sure if all suppliers do but Heron camans do) give the option of having a “high top” or a “low top” midfielder stick so you can choose to have a similar, flatter face like forward sticks letting you keep shots down, or having more of a slope so you can get more height. Midfielders are the best all round option.

Forwards caman

Forward sticks simply have a flatter face than other camans, making it easier for strikers to keep their shots down low when shooting.

Caman Suppliers:

Heron, Kyles and Tanera camans (all around £35) are currently the best options available, Munro’s also being a good option but slightly more expensive than the rest.  Camans can be ordered by contacting the suppliers below and usually you need to cut them to size yourself – the caman should reach just past your bellybutton when stood upright.

Tanera Camans: A MacPherson +44 01463 718218, 07901 957045

Heron Camans: Bobby Crowe: Dunoon – Tel: 01369 830286 / 07851 017814

Kyles Camans: N Blair 01700 811569

Munro Camans: M&J Sloggie 01809 501248


Shinty Balls, Helmets and other accessories can be found on the various sites below:


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