Fitness Training

Just a small summary of fitness fundamentals and exercises that people can be and should be doing by themselves at home.

Interval Training, Sprint Training, and Endurance Training

Circuit & Strength Training


Tests for fitness, speed and agility are useful for gauging your development and letting you know what areas you need to improve on.  They are also useful in some cases for actually improving fitness if done on a regular basis, the bleep test is a good example of this.

Bleep test  – Endurance test

The bleep test is one of the most simple fitness tests out there and it’s something players should be doing regularly.  You just need to mark out a flat 20 metre stretch and have the bleep test mp3 (download below) playing through headphones, speakers or whatever.

You can then mark your performances on the chart in the link below.  A rough guide on the right shows where you should be aiming for,

Bleep Test mp3 (Right-click, save as)

Bleep Test score sheet




Illinois run – agility test

Illinois run

The illinois run is an running agility test.  It’s a standardized test so you can compare yourself to worldwide averages.  An excellent rating for males is 15.2 seconds or less, with 18.3 seconds or more being poor.

You need 8 cones/markers for this and ideally someone else with a stopwatch to time you.







After a hard run, workout or training session, it’s important you stock up on the right foods to rebuild muscles and help you get stronger.  A proven post-workout or post-game drink to aid muscle build-up and recovery is milk as it contains protein and carbs in liquid form for quicker absorbtion.  Post-workout meals should contain high protein foods like chicken, and some carbohydrates to refill your energy stores, something like pasta or potatoes would work here.

In the days before a big game, make sure you get plenty of bulky carbs like the ones just mentioned to stock up.  In the hours before a game you want to eat something that’s easy to digest, a processed carb like white bread with some peanut butter works well with a banana, should be eaten at least 2 hours before a game.

Pre-game meals & rituals – reddit





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