Player Profiles – 2012 Season

Below is a snapshot of the players who made up the Lewis Camanachd squad in the 2012 season. Results from the North Division 3 League from that year can be seen here –

Ally Mackenzie

Ally once scored against Fort William – however this only made them angry! Ally is a dedicated player who has really felt the benefit of league play.  With the addition of better hitting could be a top player at the back or the front.

Andy Macdonald

Andy only took up shinty in mid-2010 and is making leaps and bounds in terms of his shinty.  When fully fit, a top contributor in midfield, Andy can only get better with more experience in the coming years. Dedicated to the club.

Connor Chalmers

Connor is rapidly developing as a player having gained several appearances as substitute in the forward line. Not scared to get stuck in and swing the stick,Connor has emerged as an exciting prospect in the forward line. A Stornoway Primary Youth product.

Connor Macdonald

Conor started out between the sticks for Camanachd Leòdhais at the age of 14 and over the years he had a lot of practice! In recent years he has moved into an outfield role and has started to develop in to an effective defender

Daniel McFaddyen

Daniel is a recent newcomer to shinty but has shown in flashes that he is fearless and willing to put the stick through the ball. A high scorer at youth level, including a 5 goal haul against Uist, Daniel will also be another one for the future.

Daniel “Gaga” Gallagher

“Gaga” is the closest Camanachd Leòdhais has to an iconic player – the heart and soul of the team at full-back, defiant and committed. Since entering the league, Gaga is literally half the man he was but ten times the player. With cleaner hitting would be a shoe-in for any side.

Donald Lamont

Donald was fomerly captain of Aberdeen University but returned home just in time for league entry to come to fruition. A roving forward and housewives’ favourite, Donald’s passion for the club can be measured by the fact that it comes before both Rangers and Labour.

Dougie Shaw

Dougie is the up and coming youngster of the moment!  Dougie hails originally from the Kyles of Bute and as such has the touch and skill of the famed Kyles Athletic to complement a good engine which makes him a great presence in defence and midfield when houses aren’t being built or nappies changed.

Eoghan “BGT” Stewart

Eòghan is usually there to clear the danger (or create it for himself and others), but always 100% committed to the hit. The “Big Gaelic Teacher” has been important off the park, helping the club secure league entry and ensuring a high media profile for the club and shinty in general.

Innes Lamont

Innes returned to shinty after several years away from the sport. In that time he was obviously doing some secret training as he came back and slotted straight back into the side halfway through the 2011 season. A tenacious defender who will battle through injury until he can no longer continue.

Kenny Mould

The man. The myth. The legend. An enigma wrapped in a riddle, Kenny can play most positions on the park (as long as you can get him on it) and with his confidence and swagger he’ll take on any opponent.

Kevin Kennedy

Kevin is a recent convert to shinty and marked his debut with a goal against Skye Camanachd.

Michael Macleod

A player who has come out of the Stornoway Primary youth system, Michael is developing into an excellent midfielder. His shying of the ball is tremendous as is his never-say-die attitude. Will hopefully become a long term fixture in the Lewis line-up.

Micheal Macdonald

Micheal has been a stalwart of Camanachd Leòdhais for many years and has been a great utility player in several positions.  Although not renowned for his speed, Micheal is always there with the block and the tackle and is committed to the sport. In the last few years, Micheal has been less of a feature on the park but has distinguished himself as captain of St Andrews University, even taking his Varsity side on a tour of the Hebrides in early 2015.

Paddy Sinclair

Paddy is the son of Iain “Diablo” Sinclair and has over the last few years has developed his potential to become a cracking shinty player. Played his first games in 2009 and was in the past guilty of being too laidback on the park, but with more experience now, his hitting and all round play has become a great asset for both Lewis and Glasgow University.

Paul Duke

“Dukey” is two time Player of the Year and the Lewis Sports Personality of the Year 2014, his background with Newtonmore brings a lot of skill and knowledge on and off the park.  Il Duce loves a halftime rant and plays an important role in propelling Lewis forward.

Scott Murray

Scott is a powerhouse – an endless runner who has energy to spare and whose hitting is clean and strong.  Has represented the Scottish Universities in 2012 and has the potential to do anything in the sport. 2011 Captain, now living in Aberdeen but willing to travel to games.

Sean Macleod

Sean is a man of many “Epic” nicknames. One of those players indelibly linked with the club, he recently completed a loan spell with Tayforth. Sean is as obsessed with shinty as it is possible to be. Was selected for Scotland U-17s in 2007 and is also a five time Alba cap.

Calum Stamper

“Stompy”‘s place in Camanachd Leòdhais history is assured as he scored the first ever league goal in the first minute of our first ever league game. Not as prolific as he should be but is a keen student of the game and always looking to improve.

Stuart “Tyson” Campbell

“Tyson” is one of the great players in the Dubh is Gorm. An ex-Skye Camanachd player, and Lewis captain in 2012, he was a major part of the first Camanachd Leòdhais team to enter mainland competition before leaving Lewis for Glasgow. He returned to Stornoway in 2011 and is a top quality player in any position but has settled in to the Andrea Pirlo role in recent years, pulling the strings from midfield.

Will Church

Will is an important goal threat with his unconventional, athletic style brought from hockey and cricket.  Scored the goals which brought home the Mòd Cup in 2011 in  his first start for the club.  Hopefully Lewis will benefit from this anasthetist inflicting pain on opponents for many years to come.

Iain “Diablo” Sinclair


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