Shawbost School – Ar Dachaigh

‘S e Siabost as boidhche leinn! Tha Camanachd Leòdhais gu math toilichte a bhith a’ cluich aig a’ phàrc eireachdail agus a’ cur gu feum na goireasan sgoinneil aig Sgoil Shiaboist air Taobh Siar Eilean Leòdhais.

Camanachd Leòdhais are very happy to play on the handsome park and to have access to the splendid facilities at Shawbost School on the West Side of Lewis. We would like to give thanks to the staff of the school for their permissionto use the facility and for keeping it in such good order

The playing surface is second to none in the North Division Three and has received high praise indeed from visiting players and officials, as well as Hugh Dan MacLennan who declared that it was already “one of the finest playing surfaces in Scotland”, after the club’s first ever home game in 2011.

The pitch is also used for Welfare League football and of course by the school itself for a range of activities, including school sports, which can sometimes leave a few extra lines on the park come June – but let’s face it we’re shinty players, not imbeciles, a few extra lines shouldn’t send you wrong!

We hope that as the years progress that we will have the team to match the surface, that we can attract a final to the island and also that we can see it regularly host top league shinty for many years to come.


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