Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct (as of Season 2016) – Based on Camanachd Association Guidelines

  • This Code of conduct forms part of the membership of Camanachd Leòdhais and must be signed by player and club representative prior to playing for team (including friendlies).
  • By signing this, you agree to adhere to these rules and abide by the decisions made by the committee.
  • These rules may be amended at any time and updated via email to your registered email address


  1. I agree to adhere to these rules and respect the decisions made by the committee
  2. I agree to inform the Secretary of any update to my personal details such as email address in order to be kept informed of any changes
  3. I will pay my membership fee on, or before, 1st March of the playing year.
    1. Failure to adhere to rule 3 will result in the removal from match day squad until fee is paid, unless with the express permission of the manager in exceptional circumstances.
  4. I will attend training whenever possible and where not available, will inform the coach(es) and/or the manager for reason of absence. This should be done via email wherever possible.
    1. If based on the mainland, I agree to train at least once a week to maintain my fitness, with an alternative club if possible.
  5. If I fail to attend training without a reasonable reason, as decided on by the manager, I may be removed from the match day squad.
  6. I accept the manager has the only say with regards to the match day squad.
  7. I accept that, unless directed, the manager and the captain have the only say on match day matters
  8. If I do anything that has the potential to damage the reputation of the club, I may be subject to a disciplinary meeting ( see below)
  9. If I fail to adhere to any of these rules, I may be subject to a disciplinary meeting
  10. A disciplinary meeting may be called if deemed necessary by the disciplinary committee
    1. The disciplinary committee will be made up of three people: the manager; the captain and a coach. Vice-captain and assistant manager can stand in if required.
    2. Players shall have the right to represent their case at a meeting if they wish – this can be done via email if they are unable to attend.
    3. At least 72 hours’ notice will be given prior to a meeting
    4. The committee will collect information as they see fit
    5. The disciplinary committee shall have the power to impose sanctions if they have, by a majority, deemed it necessary
    6. These sanctions are, and not limited too
      1. Removal from match day squad
      2. Warning about future conduct
      3. Removal of role (if appropriate)
      4. Expulsion from club – membership fee would not be refunded
    7. The committee’s decision shall be deemed final with the exception of sanction if where an appeal can be made, in writing, to the chairperson within 7 days of receiving the written notification of the original decision. The chairperson will reach a decision, wherever possible, within 14 days. The expulsion will stand until the appeal is heard. The final decision of the chairperson is final and binding.