Glè Mhàth Were The Boys!

Tha Iain “Diablo” Mac na Ceardaich air ainmeachadh mar mhanaidsear Camanachd Leòdhais airson seusan 2013. Bha Iain roimhe na chathraiche air a’ chomann ach le Pòl Duke a’ seasamh sìos bha bearn ann mar mhanaidsear agus le Iain a’ siubhal air falbh gu gach gèam, tha e a’ dèanamh ciall gum bi Iain a’ gabhail os làimh na dreuchd deatamaich seo. Bidh e air a chuideachadh le na caipteanan o 2011 is 2012, Scott Moireach agus Stiùbhart “Tyson” Caimbeul. Mar a chanas e fhèin “Tha fortan a’ cuideachadh nan treun”

The club is happy to announce that Iain “Diablo” Sinclair has been appointed manager of Camanachd Leòdhais for the 2013 season. Iain was previously chairman of the club and replaces Paul Duke who stepped down at the end of the 2012 season. Iain already travels to every away game and therefore is a logical and committed choice for this vital role. He will be assisted by 2011 and 2012 captains,Scott Murray and Stuart “Tyson” Campbell.

Iain sent the committee and players an e-mail thanking them for their support:
“Just to thank everyone for having appointed me as manager. I will do my very best for you all. With Tyson & Scott on the management team as well I am sure the club will do its very best as always to put in the best effort into every minute of every game we compete in. Thanks also to Andy MacDonald for his effort and enthusiasm [with running training] over the past few months. He has kept us on track and we all really appreciate that. It’s great to think we will be back in action soon. I look forward to a successful season for us at all levels and it is great to see Boyd MacKenzie back coaching at youth level; an area so important to our future.”

Circuits begin every Thursday from Thursday 17th January from 7-8 in Ionad Spòrs Leòdhais.

Training continues every Saturday Afternoon – Check the Facebook Group for Updates.

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