Unfortunately due to the weather being absolutely wretched, the game with Strathspey was postponed due to ferry problems et al.  The game will be rearranged at some point. This weekend we head to Kilmallie for what is sure to be a tough game against the league leaders at Canal Parks. Hopefully the weather will pan out nicely and we can get back into action and try to maintain our own unbeaten run.

As Diablo is heading down to Glasgow afterwards, there is no minibus so its a car job. Check your email as there will be some fancy permutations of travel but we’ll all get there on time. Of course, this trip requires an overnight stay which corresponds to a certain other event we can’t mention but needless to say it will involve a trip home via Inverness and piggy backs by TV shinty stars. Please let Dukey know if you are planning on staying in Schneck for the festivities.

By eoghan

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