Form is temporary (at least we hope it is), but class is permanent and we would like to thank Beauly for their kind words after we applauded them off the park yesterday after a sound beating by the newly crowned champions. Didn’t strike us as out of the ordinary to give a team who have so far gone unbeaten and have doled out plenty of heavy beatings to other sides in the league a round of applause but the good folk in Green and White were touched deeply so you can check out their reciprocal tribute to us on their facebook page
Best of luck to Beauly in North Two, they were the first team we ever played in the league and we’ll always have fond memories of that day. Winning the league is for us a few years in the future but when we do win it we hope to win it playing the same kind of shinty that Beauly displayed.

Anyway, that is the senior season over although training will continue for the foreseeable. We really need to get some serious youth training on the go before the winter sets in, so if you have any ideas, let the committee know where, when and how you can help out.

It’s fair to say that we have achieved our initial goals this season, if not achieving enough actual goals to kick on and do something special but thanks to everybody for all their efforts this year, it is great that we have maintained our enthusiasm from last year all through this one. A season review will be given in due course, but for now enjoy the close season and keep the fitness up.

By eoghan

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