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Bidh sinn a’ cluich Oban Latharnach air falbh on taigh air 9mh Giblean. ‘S e seo a ‘ chiad uair a bhios sinn air sgioba on Oban a chluich.

We will play Oban Lorn away from home on the 9th of April. This will be the first time we have played a team from Oban.

Theid an sgioba a bhuannaicheas an aghaidh Cill Moire no Inbhir Aora san ath-chuairt aiir falbh on taigh air 30mh Giblean. Chluich Leodhas Inbhir Aora ann an 2010 a’ call 9-0.

The team that wins this tie will play either Kimory or Inveraray away on 30th April. Lewis played Inveraray in 2010, losing 9-0.

Cupa Shrath Dearn – Strathdearn Cup

Bidh sinn a’ cluich an sgioba a bhuannaicheas an geam eadar Ceann a’ Ghiuthsaich agus Inbhir Nis ann an Siabost air 18mh Ogmhios.

Lewis will have a home tie on 18th June against the winners of Kingussie v Inverness.

Manager – Duncan Macintyre

“Delighted with a Home Tie in the Strathdearn Cup. Always a tough game against Division Two rivals Inverness, and of course a first ever home game against Kingussie would be a great Cup Tie. The Sutherland Cup will see us play an Oban team for the first time ever. Both Cup Draws bring real opportunity and fresh challenge for us at Camanachd Leodhais.”

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