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Marking ten years since first ever Cup match

May 7th, 2017 No comments

A few quick shinty notes.

Our Home Season opener versus Caberfeidh was postponed and will be rearranged for a future date.

We are on the road again next weekend for a Strathdearn Cup match versus Lochaber. Then home shinty returns in earnest with Lovat making their first trip to Shawbost, followed by Boleskine then Lochaber.

It is worthy of note that Saturday marked 10 years to the day since the club played the first ever competitive fixture by a Western Isles club in Camanachd Association Competition. We went down 6-0 to Glasgow Mid-Argyll at Yoker in the Sutherland but it was an important and historic day, not to be forgotten by those who made the four day trip!

Lewis v GMA Shinty

First Cup Game v GMA

BBC Island Blogging reported on the match – also captured Dukey’s infamous penalty 😉



Deich Bliadhna

December 5th, 2016 No comments

Chaidh Camanachd Leòdhais ath-stèidheachadh às ùr Diardaoin, an t-seachdamh là den Dubhlachd 2006.

Chaidh a’ chiad choinneamh a chumail anns an t-seòmar-teagaisg Ghàidhlig anns an t-seann phrìomh thogalach aig Sgoil MhicNeacail. (a-nis mu làr).

Chaidh bùn-stèidh aontachadh agus chaidh ainmean a chur ris le Eòghan Stiùbhart agus Micheal Dòmhnallach.

An lathair bha an dithis sin, Conor Dòmhnallach, Seumas Friseal, Daniel “Gaga” Gallagher, Eòghainn MacAoidh, Sean MacLeòid, Alasdair “Fro” MacLeòid agus feadhainn eile. 

Is iomadh euchd agus oidhirp a thachair on latha eachdraidheil a bha sin agus tha sinn moiteil as gach cluicheadair a chosg an dubh is gorm san àm sin. ‘S ann mar seo a nì sinn e sna h-Innse Gall.

Camanachd Leòdhais was re-constituted on Thursday the 7th of December 2006. The inaugural meeting was held in the Gaelic classroom in the old main building of the Nicolson Institute. (Now demolished). The constitution of the club was agreed and signed by Eòghan Stewart and Micheal Macdonald. In attendance were the two signatories, Conor Macdonald, Jamie Fraser, Daniel “Gaga” Gallagher, Ewan MacKay, Sean MacLeod, Alexander”Fro” MacLeod and others. (If you were in attendance, please remind us and your name will be added.)

In the ten years since that date, Camanachd Leòdhais have made history and will continue to make history in the years to come. Whilst we as a club have only small moments of glory relative to those of more established clubs, we are very proud of how far we have come as a club in that time. To be the first side from the Western Isles to compete in Camanachd Association competition, first at Cup level and then on the regular and more intense league basis, and to play the first fixtures in the islands themselves, have been achievements in themselves, acheivements of which we are intensely proud. To now have a vibrant youth section, to field 15 players at least every week, and to regularly pick up points and to cause our opponents to respect us are the real and concrete week to week satisfactiosn that we feel as Camanachd Leòdhais players, officials and supporters.

We look forward to welcoming you to Shawbost and the Isles of Lewis and Harris for the next ten years, and many more decades to come. This is how we do it in the Western Isles. Dubh is Gorm.






Craig Morrison Sixes 2015 – Tina Turners are Simply the Best

July 21st, 2015 No comments

Plenty of news from the Fichead Bliadhna week to come – so we’ll put it all up in little doses!

First up we’ll deal with the Craig Morrison Stornoway Sixes. These were run midweek for the first time as an experiment, and the experiment can surely be judged a success, with the biggest turnout since the first competition in 2010 and a great atmosphere around the park.

The competition started on the dot at 6.30pm, with players divided into 5 teams (Blones, Bibless Babez, Tina Turners, Gaga’s Heroes and Callum Camanachd) in a league section, 10 minutes one way, 3pts for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss.

The Bibless Babez powered through the league section without conceding a goal – young Ruairidh Macmillan was on absolute fire – melting into Gaga at one point and leaving him raging!  The Blones team battled away and performed credibly for the most part, although they failed to score, although Poppy and Nicole playing for other teams kept up the female end well.

However, the Tina Turners would sucker punch the Bibless Babez with another masterclass from Peter Goalmez – his years of watching Italian football helping him usher his team after a shaky start to eventual final glory. It was also another excuse to see his iconic celebration.

It was great to see big Sean McCarthy out swinging a stick and our young and young at heart guests from Edinburgh and Glasgow did themselves proud. Kenny “Scalpay” Campbell was on the winning side, the MacDiarmaid brothers displayed some great touches for the Heroes and David Murray won young player of the tournament, whilst his brother Callum was an important member of his eponymous team.

Ruairidh MacMillan was a deserved Player of the Tournament and both he and David Murray received their prizes from Iain Sinclair. Thanks to Annette Murray for the use of Stornoway Primary.

The shield as always was presented by Craig’s parents, Graham and Kareen, and other members of the family were also present. Graham presented the trophy to winning captain Peter Gomez.

Kareen said “Craig was never prouder than when he represented Camanachd Leòdhais, and so proud myself that the team are remembering him in this way.”

Thanks to everyone who was involved. We will never forget Craig for as long as shinty is played on this islands. Always the first name on the teamsheet whenever and wherever the Black and Blue is worn…

Photos from Craig's Sixes on Wednesday Night – A Beautiful Occasion to remember a Great Friend

Posted by Camanachd Leòdhais on Friday, 17 July 2015

Here are the results:

League Section

Blones 0, Bibless Babez 2

Tina Turners 0, Gaga’s Heroes 0

Blones 0 Callum Camanachd 2

Bibless Babez 1 Tina Turners 0

Gaga’s Heroes 0 Callum Camanachd 0

Blones 0 Tina Turners 5

Bibless Babez 3 Callum Camanachd 0

Blones 0 Gaga’s Heroes 3

Tina Turners 2 Callum Camanachd 1

Bibless Babez 2 Gaga’s Heroes 0


                       p w d l f a pts
Bibless Babez          4 4 0 0 9 0 12
Tina Turners           4 2 1 1 7 2 9
Gaga's Heroes          4 1 2 1 3 2 8
Callum Camanachd       4 1 1 2 3 5 7
Blones                 4 0 0 4 0 13 4
Final - Tina Turners 1 Bibless Babez 0


Goal scorers

3 – Ruairidh MacMillan, Michael MacLeod

2 – Gomez, Eoghan, Scott MacLeod, Dukey, Ally Lamont

1 – Poppy, Nicole, Sean McCarthy, Kenny, Conal McDiarmid, Ronan, David