For a bit of fun after three full league seasons, and around only 18 friendly/cup/challenge matches between 2007-2010 (sixes tournaments not counted, but incredible to think we played more shinty in 2011 than we had in all four years previous combined), here is the “all-time” Camanachd Leodhais goalscoring charts. To qualify for this table you had to have scored at least 3 goals.

19 – Will Church

14 – Duncan MacIntyre

13 – Scott Murray

11 – Stuart “Tyson” Campbell, Donald Lamont

10 – Calum “Stompy” Stamper

5 – Kenny Mould

3 – Paul Duke, Ally MacKenzie


What is your favourite Camanachd Leodhais goal?

Stompy’s opener against Beauly? Scott’s late equaliser at Strathspey? Duncan’s rocket against Cabers? Will’s winner against Uist in the Mod Cup? Answers on a postcard.


By eoghan

2 thoughts on “All Time Goalscorers Chart 2007-2013”
  1. This highlights how amazing Will and Duncan’s record was this season. Incredible strike rate. Here are a few in a mostly random order.

    1.Scott’s equaliser v Strathspey

    2. Scott v Ardnamurchan , the 3rd goal that sealed our first win.

    3.Tyson v Spey

    4. Will v Inverness to make it 3-2

    5. Duncan’s hat trick.

    6. Stompy v Inverness last season

    7. Eoghan’s toin v Broom for comedy value

    8. Michael’s shy v Cabers at home

    9. Ally Lamont’s first goal v Cabers away

    10. Get back to work Donald, I could be here all day.

  2. Perhaps due to rarity in the old days, two pre-league ones stand out!

    Titch Morrison absolutely making a fool of a Uist wingback in the 2010 Hebcelt. (Come back Titch!)

    Ally MacKenzie’s screamer against Fort William to make it 3-1 (but then they did add 17 more!)

    In the League.

    Dukey’s two screamers against Broom on seperate occasions, one a volley and one a long range bullet.

    Donald’s melter in the 2011 HebCelt.

    Stompy’s Beauly goal.

    Will’s Mod Cup winner.

    Duncan in general.

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