So it’s awards gu leor at the Dubh is Gorm office here in the back of the grandstand at Sgoil Shiaboist. The girls in the office have had to put aside their negotiations over Gaga’s image rights in the lucrative Malaysian market to field numerous press inquiries. Bambi Mourinho’s new contract discussions were put on hold and the Private Jet sent to make sure that Paddy Diablo was reunited with his stick, was diverted to pick up caviar and champers for tonights reception in the BGT Lounge at the top of the “Stompydome”.

After Dukey’s naming as Sports Person of the Year, we then received news that the club got the Marine Harvest Nice Guys Award for the third time in four years (i.e. the Fairplay Award), but not only that, that Diablo was named North Division Three Coach of the Year. So it’s medals and pats on the back for everyone. Great recognition for the work put into the club by Paul and Iain over the last few years.

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And if you want to look at the club honours, click here

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