Tha uallach air a’ bhord airson an Comann a stiuireadh.

The Committee has responsibilty for running the club.

‘S e am manaidsear a bhios a’ ruith sgioba nan inbheach agus tha oifigear sonraichte ann airson oigridh.

The manager runs the adults’ team and there is a specific officer for youth.

Chieftain – Iain Sinclair

President/Chair: Annette Murray

Treasurer: Kenny MacLeod

Secretary: Joanne Mitchell

Fixtures Secretary: Donald Lamont

Child Protection: Annette Murray

Manager: John MacAskill


The Club also has Honorary Chieftains – The original Honorary Chieftains of Camanachd Leodhais are Boyd MacKenzie, Neil Ferguson and Donna Barden  These people have been appointed due to their contributions in the past to shinty in Lewis.  Former Chieftains of the club also automatically become Honorary Chieftains, these are Sean MacLeod and Annette Murray.

The Patron of the Original Lewis Camanachd Club was HRH the Duke of Rothesay, Lord of the Isles AKA the Prince of Wales.

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