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Tha gach duine aig Camanachd Leòdhais a’ guidhe gach sonas dhar luchd-leantainn dìleas airson na Nollaige agus na Bliadhn’ Ùire.  Tha sinn a’ còmharrachadh deich bliadhna mar chomann am-bliadhna agus bidh sinn a’ tòiseachadh chùisean leis an Iomain Challainn air an dara lath den Fhaoilleach.

Everyone at Camanachd Leòdhais wishes every happiness to our loyal supporters for Christmas and the New Year. We are marking ten years as a club this year and we will be starting our 2017 season with the Iomain Challainn on the 2nd of January.

This year’s event, in the traditional Celtic tradition of New Year shinty, will be held at Smith Avenue AWP and will run from 11 to 2.  We will have a youth game and then the senior game. The annual awards ceremony will be held in the evening at the Golf Club.

You can join the event via facebook here

Here are some photos from previous years’ games.



Youth League Update (Week 2)

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15419476_1197145443694670_706898688_oThe Friday Evening Youth League continues to go from strength to strength. The teams are named after famous shinty clubs. At the moment Oban and Lovat are leading the way.

Each night is a mini-league with 6pts for the winning team through to 1pt for 6th. When teams may have to amalgamate they both get the points for their league finish. These will accumulate across the winter season and count towards the final trophy. This was the standings after the first two weeks. (There are still week 3 results to add on).

1. Oban 12pts

2. Lovat 11pts
3. Newtonmore 8pts
4. Taynuilt 8pts
5. Fort William 8pts
6. Skye 7pts


Will to Win

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will v cabersCamanachd Leòdhais has been a club for ten years. In that time we have scored 193 goals, Will Church scored 37 of those in five years. Here are all the individuals who have scored more than 5 goals in that time period since December 2006.

Will Church 37
Donald Lamont 28
Duncan MacIntyre 26
Scott Murray 14
Paul Duke 13
Stuart Campbell 11
Calum Stamper 10
Ally Lamont 9
Scott Macleod 6
Kenny Mould 5
Kenny Murray 5

Will stepped down from fulltime playing at the end of the 2016 season. His contribution to the club has been phenomenal, but we are sure others will rise to take his place.

Friday Night Shinty a Success

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Come to Lewis and see some of the Big Names of Shinty every Friday night!

Begun at the start of November, the Friday Night Shinty league for P6-S2 has been a big success so far – with set teams (Newtonmore, Oban, Lovat, Skye, Taynuilt and Fort William) playing together every week in a fun and exciting indoor format. Great to have such enthusiastic youngsters involved as well as enthusiastic coaches, both developing their skills.

Every Friday from 5 to 6 pm in the Sports Centre.  Scores to follow soon.


Deich Bliadhna

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Chaidh Camanachd Leòdhais ath-stèidheachadh às ùr Diardaoin, an t-seachdamh là den Dubhlachd 2006.

Chaidh a’ chiad choinneamh a chumail anns an t-seòmar-teagaisg Ghàidhlig anns an t-seann phrìomh thogalach aig Sgoil MhicNeacail. (a-nis mu làr).

Chaidh bùn-stèidh aontachadh agus chaidh ainmean a chur ris le Eòghan Stiùbhart agus Micheal Dòmhnallach.

An lathair bha an dithis sin, Conor Dòmhnallach, Seumas Friseal, Daniel “Gaga” Gallagher, Eòghainn MacAoidh, Sean MacLeòid, Alasdair “Fro” MacLeòid agus feadhainn eile. 

Is iomadh euchd agus oidhirp a thachair on latha eachdraidheil a bha sin agus tha sinn moiteil as gach cluicheadair a chosg an dubh is gorm san àm sin. ‘S ann mar seo a nì sinn e sna h-Innse Gall.

Camanachd Leòdhais was re-constituted on Thursday the 7th of December 2006. The inaugural meeting was held in the Gaelic classroom in the old main building of the Nicolson Institute. (Now demolished). The constitution of the club was agreed and signed by Eòghan Stewart and Micheal Macdonald. In attendance were the two signatories, Conor Macdonald, Jamie Fraser, Daniel “Gaga” Gallagher, Ewan MacKay, Sean MacLeod, Alexander”Fro” MacLeod and others. (If you were in attendance, please remind us and your name will be added.)

In the ten years since that date, Camanachd Leòdhais have made history and will continue to make history in the years to come. Whilst we as a club have only small moments of glory relative to those of more established clubs, we are very proud of how far we have come as a club in that time. To be the first side from the Western Isles to compete in Camanachd Association competition, first at Cup level and then on the regular and more intense league basis, and to play the first fixtures in the islands themselves, have been achievements in themselves, acheivements of which we are intensely proud. To now have a vibrant youth section, to field 15 players at least every week, and to regularly pick up points and to cause our opponents to respect us are the real and concrete week to week satisfactiosn that we feel as Camanachd Leòdhais players, officials and supporters.

We look forward to welcoming you to Shawbost and the Isles of Lewis and Harris for the next ten years, and many more decades to come. This is how we do it in the Western Isles. Dubh is Gorm.






Youth and Ladies Update

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The recent AGM confirmed a new structure for Youth which was proposed by outgoing Head of Youth Development Eoghan Stewart.

The following people were appointed to the posts for 2017.

Youth Coordinator with Responsibility for Primary Age Shinty – Joanne Mitchell
Under 14 Coaches – Ally Lamont & Stuart “Tyson” Campbell
Under 14 & Under 17 Manager – Iain Sinclair

These individuals will work together, along with other coaches and volunteers, to develop Youth Shinty throughout Lewis & Harris.

Alicia MacSween was appointed as Ladies Captain for 2017 and will represent the Ladies team at Committee Meetings.

Captaincy, Management and Coaching Team for 2017

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First Team Manager Duncan MacIntyre has named his management team for the 2017 season.

Paul Duke has been appointed Captain for the second time, having held the honour in the 2013 season where he lifted the Mòd Cup.

Peter Gomez has been appointed to the Vice-Captaincy – a tremendous honour for a homegrown player who has become one of our most committed and effective players in the last few years.

Ally Lamont will be continuing as Fitness Coach. MacIntyre has also added John Macaskill to his management team as assistant shinty coach and first aider, John comes from a strong shinty background and we welcome him to the club.

Fitness Coach : Ally Lamont
Assistant Shinty Coach : John Macaskill
Senior Team Captain : Paul Duke
Senior Team, Vice Captain : Peter Gomez
First Aider : John Macaskill

Committee appointed for 2017

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After the 2016 AGM, held in Stornoway Primary School on 26 October, the following were appointed to the following office bearer roles for 2017.

Chairperson – Annette Murray
Secretary – Joanne Mitchell
Treasurer – Kenny MacLeod
Fixtures Secretary – Donald Lamont
Marketing & Merchandising Officer – Paul Duke

Duncan MacIntyre continues as First Team Manager
Ally Lamont continues as Child Protection Officer

The following were appointed to the new Youth Posts approved at the AGM
Under 14s & 17s Manager – Iain Sinclair
Head Youth Coach – Ally Lamont
Youth Co-ordinator – Joanne Mitchell

David Macdonald continues in the role of Chieftain.

Thanks are extended to the 2016 Committee for their hard work and commitment throughout a long and challenging season.

Mòd Cup 2016 – Skye take the spoils

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Despite poor weather, both sides in the Mòd Cup served up a close and competitive tussle. Certainly the club’s best performance against a Skye side, it was a tense and exciting match, with very little to show that there was a league between the sides.

It was a stalemate until veteran Camanachd Cup winner Peter Gordon scored just before the hour mark. We then had the lion’s share of possession and momentum, and if we could have squeezed the ball over the line we could have gone on to swing the game back in our favour. However Iain MacLellan broke up the other end to make it 2-0 with around 15 minutes to go, then Kenny MacLeod put the result beyond doubt with a third goal, although we had some more chances to get on the score sheet.


The trophies and medals were presented by An Comunn Gàidhealach President John MacLeod. The support of An Comunn Gàidhealach for the fixture was appreciated. With so many of our young players getting the chance to shine yesterday, whenever the Mòd returns to the Western Isles in the future, we’re sure that this new generation will be more than a match for whatever opposition they face. It was fitting that Skye Camanachd were the final opponents of our tenth season as a senior club, great friends, ‘s math na càirdean and we’d like to thank them all for coming over.

Skye player, and long term friend of the club, Daniel Morrison was named man of the match by referee Henry MacInnes. Michael MacLeod was possibly our best player at buckshee back, but the team competed well all across the park, with Steven Morrison and Scott MacLeod belying their young age, and Alexander Gordon also showing up well coming on as a sub.

Al Reed was also presented with his recent LHSC Young Coach of the Year by John MacLeod.



Pictures courtesy of An Comunn Gàidhealach and Graham Hood Photography

BONUS FEATURE – Gaelic celeb and long term fan of the club Alison Gael MacRae turned up to do a wee film alongside her old partner in crime Rubens.

Coinneamh Bliadhnail Camanachd Leòdhais 2017 | AGM

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Thèid Coinneamh Bliadhna Camanachd Leòdhais a chumail ann am Bun-sgoil Steòrnabhaigh Diciadain 26 An Dàmhair 2016 aig 7f. Tha fàilte ron a h-uile neach aig a bheil ùidh ann an spòrs nan Gàidheal ann an Leòdhas agus na Hearadh.


The Camanachd Leòdhais AGM will be held in Stornoway Primary School on Wednesday 26th October 2016 at 7pm. A warm welcome is extended to anyone with an interest in the sport of the Gael in Lewis and Harris.

Beachdan/Expressions of interest to the secretary @