2019 Fixture list released

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Fixtures and Results 2019

Camanachd Leòdhais’ fixtures for 2019 have been published by the Camanachd Association. The club will spend March and April travelling to the mainland. The newly rechristened Mowi North Division 2 has mercifully been reduced to 9 teams – which means 16 games. The first away game will be Lochcarron on 2 March, followed by Boleskine.

The first home game will be on 11th May against Kilmallie. Kilmallie is also the final scheduled game for the club in 2019, with an away trip to Canal Parks on the 24th of August.



Strathdearn Cup – Club Drawn in Prelim round v Lovat

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Related imageWhilst the publication of the Camanachd Association fixture list is still a while away, the club received confirmation of its first scheduled cup fixture in the Strathdearn Cup. The North Reserve Cup was initially drawn on Tuesday 29th January but the draw was aborted halfway through, the club had been drawn intially in a prelim round fixture away against Kilmallie. However, in the rescheduled draw held on Thursday 31st January the club managed to end up in the Preliminary Round again but this time against Lovat. The two clubs will face each other on 27th April at Balgate, Kiltarlity.  Five time Strathdearn winners, Lovat were the North Division Two champions last year and will be playing in North Division One this season. The winners of this tie will face Lochcarron away in the first round proper on 25th May.

2019 First Shinty Festival A Massive Success!

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The annual First Shinty Festival took place at the Lewis Sports Centre on Wednesday 16 January and the club was on hand to help out!

A fantastic turnout saw 63 kids from Sgoil Lionail Parent Council, Laxdale Primary School, Shawbost School and Stornoway Primary take part in a morning of fun and games.

Everyone enjoyed themselves as the youngsters developed their skills and played several games.

A huge thank you to everyone that helped make the event possible, between the organisers, the coaches and of course the schools. Hopefully we are looking at the future of Camanachd Leòdhais!

A reminder that we do have shinty training available at all junior levels. For those in primary, there is training on every Saturday at Stornoway Primary during the school term from 1-2PM for only £2. The children are split into two sessions depending on age and ability so that those newer to the sport can learn from the very start.

For secondary pupils, there is training available at The Nicolson Institute on Fridays at 2pm.

Latha sònraichte a’ comharrachadh call na h-Iolaire | The Iolaire remembered by Camanachd Leòdhais and Kinlochshiel

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A very special Iomain Challainn at Bayhead on January 1 2019 marked Camanachd Leòdhais’ contribution to the Iolaire Commemorations, marking 100 years since the tragedy that had such an indelible impact upon the life, culture and language of our islands.

January 1st 2019 will forever have a special place in the history of our young club.

Together with our dear friends from Kinlochshiel Shinty Club we honoured those island men who, having survived four gruelling years of war, lost their lives yards from home when HMY Iolaire struck the Beasts of Holm.

We remembered them. We reflected on their journey knowing that the traditional New Years shinty match would have been on the minds of many. We played the game that was so cruelly denied them.

‘Shiel, the 2018 Macaulay Cup winners had graciously accepted the club’s invitation to represent the Iolaire’s departure point of Kyle of Lochalsh and they sent a squad with several Macaulay and Premiership winners in its number.

Earlier in the day Alasdair Lamont (Leòdhas) and Calum MacLean (‘Shiel) represented the clubs at the official ceremony at Holm, before returning to join their teammates at Bayhead. Calum was an very fitting representative for his club, as his own great-grandfather was one of the 79 to survive the disaster.

Both teams were marched out, Lewis dressed in their traditional “dubh is gorm”, ‘Shiel wearing white shirts, red shorts and white socks, led by young Martin MacRae of Kinlochshiel on the pipes. Referee Henry MacInnes blew the whistle to mark a solemn and impeccable two minute silence in memory of the 201 men lost. A large crowd was in attendance to witness a fantastic game of shinty which was played at a ferocious pace and in great spirit.

Lewis were not overawed by their illustrious opponents, and battled hard and fast against the mainland side, and combined with the tight park for 24 players this helped even up the game. Only a magnificent strike by Scotland U21 Cap Oliver Macrae separated the sides at halftime, and Lewis tested out Neil MacRae a couple of times, forcing corners. Donald Lamont and Daniel Gallagher were rising to the challenge of playing a set of players from many leagues above, and the 1-0 scoreline was certainly a good show for the home side.

In the second half, Kinlochshiel took a while to get going and the home side were still making some bold flurries, one of which almost foxed Neil MacRae in goals. However, very shortly after this Shiel made themselves comfortable with two quick goals from Ali Nixon and Archie MacRae. Oliver MacRae added a fourth later on, and young Lewis keeper Kieran Murray kept out several other shots well, including a long ranger from former Lewis player and founder member Eoghan Stewart, now at Strathglass, who was a guesting for Shiel as a substitute.

Despite a valiant performance the class of Kinlochshiel shone through and the Kirkton boys won 4-0 on the day. No fewer than 8 Lewis youth players got a taste of the action – all in awe of getting the opportunity to play in the same game as Premier Division Champions and Macaulay Cup Winners. . The quality of play from Kinlochshiel was a treat to behold, with players such as David Falconer, Paul MacRae, Duncan MacRae and Martin MacRae all showing truly excellent skills and will hopefully help the many Lewis youngsters who took part yesterday in developing their own skills. Lewis players, both young and old, did themselves and their island very proud and in this first ever meeting of the two clubs, the bonds of friendship have been made which will last for many years to come.

After the match, event organiser Donald Lamont thanked everyone who attended, including a significant number of Kinlochshiel travelling supporters. Camanachd Leodhais president and chair Annette Murray gifted a beautifully crafted plaque to Kinlochshiel to commemorate their participation in this unique fixture and Kinlochshiel director Neil MacRae, presented a silver salver to Camanachd Leodhais likewise. “Neily Ach” is the uncle of Camanachd Leodhais players Crisdean and James MacRae and he expressed Kinlochshiel’s gratitude at being able to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in “The Game That Was Never Played”.

The match was followed by an official reception at the Caladh Inn which was enjoyed by all.

Moran Taing | Many Thanks

Camanachd Leòdhais are deeply indebted to a huge number of people who made Tuesday’s event possible.

First and foremost Kinlochshiel. To give up 3 days of their time at New Year to take part in this game was a huge effort on their part and we will be forever grateful for that. A new bond has been created. The power of sport and shinty especially.

We would also like to thank the Iolaire Working Group for all their help and support over the past 12 months. They bought into the idea from the start.

Point FC kindly gave us use of their pitch liner and paint.

Jim did sterling work ferrying players around in the minibus.

The special plaque we commissioned was done with the gift of wood from the saw mill and help from Kate Macdonald and the Nicolson Institute Art department.

The event could not have taken place without financial contributions from our supporters. We in particular would like to thank Ishga, The Lewis and Harris Sports Council, Iomain Cholmcille, DS MacIntyre & JJ Sales, NFU Insurance Services, Stornoway & Skye.

The wider club and supporters would also like to thank those committee members who gave their all in terms of vision, energy and organisation over the last few months to make this game a reality.

Mairidh an cliu gu brath. Cuimhnichidh sinn iad.

Al Reed helps Scottish Unis to victory in Maynooth

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Iolaire Commemorative Shinty Challenge Match | Geama Iomain airson cuimhneachadh call na h-Iolaire

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Iolaire Commemorative Shinty Challenge Match

iolaire-poppy-pin-badgeThe 100th anniversary of the Iolaire tragedy will be remembered in a special commemorative shinty match on the 1st of January 2019.  Kinlochshiel Shinty Club will be the opposition as Camanachd Leòdhais honour the 201 men who didn’t make it home on that fateful night. The historical significance of the match lies in the fact that the Iolaire left Kyle of Lochalsh, a town represented by Kinlochshiel, and that many of the Lewis men who served in the Great War were shinty players. 

Camanachd Leodhais captain Ally Lamont said “As a club we are conscious that we represent the island and our community in everything we do. The unimaginable loss of the Iolaire tragedy can still be felt across our island and we feel that a shinty match, a sport which many of the Lewis men who went to war would have played, is a fitting way to honour their memory. We would like to thank Kinlochshiel Shinty Club for making the journey to Lewis and for their understanding of the importance of this event to our club and community.”

Neil Macrae, a Director of Kinlochshiel Shinty Club, welcomed the opportunity to honour those who never came home. “Kinlochshiel Shinty Club are pleased to participate in the Iolaire commemorations. Notwithstanding the fact the boat started her journey in Kyle, the tragedy took the lives of young men of shinty playing age from an island renowned for its sportsmen. This commemoration is a sobering reminder of how fragile life can be and how lucky our young men and women are to be able to play freely. We can only wonder how prominent shinty may have been on Lewis had these lads been given the chance to take up the game. We look forward to a sporting and respectful challenge with the present and growing Lewis Camanachd “

Respected shinty historian Dr Hugh Dan Maclennan explained how appropriate the match is. “The significance of Kyle of Lochalsh as a key part of the chain which has historically linked the Western Isles and the mainland will forever be overshadowed by the tragic events which began to unfold when the Iolaire set sail for Stornoway. There was, no doubt, an overwhelming sense of relief that the War and its traumas were being set aside; the impending celebration of a New Year and all that this entailed, with local shinty matches still fresh in the memory. The Iolaire changed the Western Isles forever. It is singularly appropriate, however, that the sportsmen of the West Coast and Lewis, and in particular the shinty players, are coming together to play their own distinctive part in marking the events 100 years ago. Shinty withered on the Western Isles with the passage of time and the cataclysmic events of WW1. The home
coming of men with their football and changed habits, along with other changes in community life saw to that. But now, with the fullness of time, the caman is again at the heart of the community, a symbol of the strength of its people, their resilience and a pride in its past.”

Norman A MacDonald, Chairman of The Iolaire Working Group commented “The Iolaire Working Group is pleased to support this shinty match as part of the wider commemorative events for the centenary of the Iolaire tragedy. Although not known to many, shinty was, of course, the sport played by many of the men at the time. We are very pleased and grateful to Camanachd Leòdhais and to our friends in Kinlochshiel for making the effort to organise this very fitting sporting event on the 1st of January 2019.”

The match will take place at 1.30 pm on January the 1st at Bayhead Playing Fields. Spectators are warmly welcomed. 



https---cdn.evbuc.com-images-50802139-235209787348-1-originalGeama Iomain airson cuimhneachadh call na h-Iolaire

Bidh Iomain mar phàirt de thachartasan a’ cuimhneachadh ceud bliadhna bho chall na h-Iolaire. Cluichidh Camanachd Leòdhais geama càirdeil an aghaidh Cheann Loch Seile air a’ chiad là den bhliadhna ùir. Chaidh an geama a chur air adhairt airson togail air ceangalan eachdraidheil co cheangailte ris a’ Chiad Chogaih. B’ e iomain spòrs nan eilean mus do chuir an cogadh às dha anns na sgìrean seo. Chaidh an spòrs a chumail beò sa chòrr den Ghàidhealtachd agus tha e iomchaidh gur e Ceann Loch Seile a tha a’ tighinn a null airson an gheama seo a chluich leis gur ann à Caol Loch Aillse a dh’fhàg an Iolaire.

Thuirt Alasdair Lamont, sgiobair Camanachd Leòdhais “Mar chomann tha sinn mothachail gu bheil sinn a’ riochdachadh ar eilean agus ar coimhearsnachd anns gach rud a tha sinn a’ dèanamh. Chan eil e comasach a chur ann am facail buaidh na thachair ach tha e ri fhaireachdainn nar coimhearsnachdan chun an là an-diugh. Tha sinn a’ faireachdainn gu bheil e iomchaidh geama iomain a chluich mar dhòigh air cuimhneachadh air na gillean sin, oir ‘s e iomain an spòrs a bh’ aca mus do dh’fhàg iad an dachaigh airson sabaid air ar son. Bu mhath leinn taing mhòr a thoirt seachad do Cheann Loch Seile airson an oidhirp a tha iad a’ dèanamh a thighinn a-null agus cho tui
gseach ‘s a tha iad mu cho cudromach sa tha na tachartasann cuimhneachaidh seo dhuinn.

Thuirt Niall MacRath , aon de stiùirichean Cheann Loch Seile: “Tha sgioba iomain Cheann Loch Sheile toilichte pàirt a ghabhail ann an tachartasan cuimhneachaidh sgrios na h-Iolaire. Chan e a-mhàin gun do dh’fhàg am bàta an Caol air an oidhche uabhasach ud, ach thug na thachair buaidh cho mòr air gillean òga nan Eilean, aig an robh cliù fad is farsaing airson tàlant a thaobh spòrs. Tha an tachartas seo na chuimhneachan air cho cugallach ‘s a tha beatha mhic an duine agus cho fortanach ‘s a tha sinn gu bheil cothrom againn cluiche ar geama ann an saorsa. Chan urrainn dhuinn ach tomhais dè an ìre a bhiodh iomain air ruighinn sna h-Eileanan mura b’ e a’ Chiad Chogadh. Tha sinn a’ coimhead air adhairt ri geama càirdeil leis na gillean a tha a-nise air an spòrs ath-bheòthachadh ann an Leòdhas.”  

Thug an t-eòlaiche iomain, an Dtr Uisdean MacIllinnein, iomradh air na ceangalan eachdraidheil a tha aig bun stèidh an tachartais sa. “Dh’atharraich na thachair leis an Iolaire na h-Eileanan Siar, agus gu h-àraidh Eilean Leòdhais, gu siorraidh. An dèidh sgrios a’ Chogaidh Mhòir `s ann aig sealbh a tha brath dè bh’air inntinn na chaidh air bòrd anns a’ Chaol. Faothachadh a bhith a’ dol dhachaigh, tha mi cinnteach, agus faireachdainnean, misneachd agus togail na bliadhn’ ùire, a dh’aindeoin àmhghairean nan ceithir bliadhna roimhe sin. Cuimhne ‘s dòcha air geamaichean camanachd ro bhliadhnaichean a’ chogaidh – an caisean-uchd is eile, rannan Callainn. `S beag a bha a dh’fhios aca dè bha a’ tighinn orra, fiùs sa gheàrr-ùine, gun tighinn air na bliadhnaichean doirbh a bha a’ dol a dh’fhuasgladh an dèidh faighinn dhachaigh. Bhiodh cleachdaidhean na Callainn air an aire a measg ghnothaichean eile, agus leis sin tha e air leth freagarrach gum bi balaich taobh Siar Rois agus seòid an Eilein ag ùrachadh na Callainn mar chuimhneachan air na thachair. A h-uile là a chì is nach fhaic.”

Bha seo aig Cathraiche Buidheann Obrach na h-Iolaire, an comhairlaiche Tormod Dòmhnallach ri ràdh: ” Tha a’ buidheann obrach air leth toilichte taic a thoirt dhan gheama seo mar phàirt de thachartsan cuimhneachaidh sgrios na h-Iolaire.  B’ e iomain an spòrs a bha aig mòran san eilean mus do dh’fhalbh iad dhan Chogadh, rud nach eil fhios aig mòran. Tha sinn taingeil is toilichte gu bheil Camanachd Leòdhais agus ar cairdean aig Ceann Loch Seile a’ cur a’ gheama iomchaidh seo air adhart air a’ chiad là den Fhaoileach.”   

Toisichidh an geama aig leth uair an dèidh uair feasgair air a’ chiad latha den Fhaoileach aig Pairce Cheann a’ Bhàigh.



Images are reproduced with the kind permission of Dr Hugh Dan MacLennan and the Iolaire Working Group.

Referee Henry MacInnes will oversee a 2 minute silence before the match starts.

For more information contact Donald Lamont on 07342032118


Representative Honours for Leòdhasaich

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The club had some very good news on the representative front this last week.

al kings


Firstly Al Reed (above) was picked for the Scottish Universities team which will travel to face Irish Universities at NUI Maynooth on 1 December. Al is currently captain of Glasgow University Shinty Club and attending UWS.  This is a great honour for Al and the club, as he is only the second Camanachd Leòdhais player to have received this honour. Scott Murray was capped in 2012. Well done Al, we are all very proud of you.



The club also receives its strongest representation for a while at Iomain Cholmcille, with Alba calling up 4 Leòdhasach players to join the national Gaelic speakers team. After a strong comeback season Crisdean MacRae joins Alba stalwarts Sean MacLeod and Paul Duke, alongside Stuart “Tyson” Campbell in his debut at this level.  Alba travel to Gaoth Dobhair for Iomain Cholmcille XI on the 17th of November. Sean will also be part of the management team alongside GMA (and Uist!)’s Angus MacInnes. Gur math thèid leibh uile!


Coinneamh Bliadhnail 2018 AGM| New Chieftain appointed

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After the 2018 Coinneamh Bliadhnail of Comann Camanachd Leòdhais, held on Tuesday 30th October in Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Offices, Stornoway, the club’s committee retains a familiar look.

Annette Murray continues as President and Chair whilst retaining responsibility for child protection.

Kenny Macleod continues as Treasurer and Joanne Mitchell as Secretary.

Donald Lamont continues as Fixture Secretary.

Peter Gomez and Ally Lamont are Committee Members with responsibility for advertising and merchandise.

Iain Sinclair (picture below) has been appointed as the Club’s new Chieftain. Appointed on a biennial basis, this is an honorary position which recognises a worthy individual’s support for the sport of shinty and the club. Iain has been a manager of the club as well as an enthusiastic volunteer and coach over the years.

The club would like to thank David Macdonald who served 7 years as the club’s Chieftain. David now becomes an Honorary Member and Chieftain of the club.


After many years of keeping costs static, the Coinneamh Bliadhnail decided to raise the price of Full membership of Camanachd Leòdhais at £50. Junior membership remains at £15 and Non-playing membership at £20. All committee members must be Full members.

The 2019 Coinneamh Bliadhnail will be held after the close of the 2019 Shinty Season.



2018 Award Winners

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The 2018 Camanachd Leodhais Awards Dinner was held at the Caladh Inn on Friday 13th October. The club awarded its prizes to four worthy winners.

Senior Player of the Year was Scott MacLeod. Scott has been a previous Youth Player of the Year on three occasions and has become a key player for the first team over the last few years.

Youth Player of the Year was Callum MacRitchie. Callum has been one of many promising youngsters to break into the Dubh is Gorm first team this year. Callum started the season with a goal against Beauly U14s, but then progressed to scoring his first senior goal against Kilmallie in a home victory, before taking up a midfield role.

Peter Gomez chose his Captain’s Player of the Year as Donald Lamont. Donald was the top scorer with 8 goals. He now sits only 5 goals off Will Church’s club record.

John MacAskill awarded the Shaw Caman for Manager’s Player of the Year to Ronan Sinclair. Ronan has fought back from life-threatening illness and has now gone off to University in Edinburgh where he hopes to play through the winter. His father Iain accepted the caman on his behalf.

John also took the opportunity to thank the team for a great season, saying there were ‘so many highlights but one being the final game against Kilmallie and how despite the difficulties the spirit was incredible’. With an eye on building on this year’s progress John also named his captaincy team for 2019, with Ally Lamont being named captain and Donald Lamont returning to the vice-captain role after previously holding it in the past.  Ally said “We have to work four times harder next season.”




Aiseag an Stròm Aonaichte a’ buannachadh! Stromeferry No Ferry United win Craig’s Sixes!

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The 2018 Craig Morrison Stornoway Sixes survived the inclement weather and attracted 5 teams for a successful end to the 2018 season and also a great memorial for the late Craig Morrison, who passed away tragically in 2009 when the club was in its infancy.

With the competition receiving its eighth running, it was a team tied heavily to the history of the competition that came away with the memorial shield. Stromeferry No Ferry United, a west-coast select run by James and Crisdean MacRae played in the first competition in 2010 and were revived for the 2017 competition. They finished second in the league competition but this put them into the final against Lewis B and a goal from Rannal Finlayson, who was also the joint top scorer in the competition with Donald Lamont, took the prize back across the Minch.

The long threatened Murray Camanachd also made their debut in the competition under the tutelage of West Lothian Shinty’s Andy Murray. Andy and his boys put in a good performance with 1 win, 1 draw and two defeats despite not making it the competition until later on. Thanks for entering a team and we’ll see you next year!

All the Lewis youngsters got a great run out and showed that the future of the club is very bright.

The trophy was presented to winning captain and general shinty legend James “Ach” MacRae by Craig’s father Graham. We hope to see you all next year!



Lewis A 0 vs Lewis B 2 – Donald 2

SNF 2 vs Lewis C 0 – Rannal, Willie

Lewis B 1 vs SNF 0 – Lisa

Lewis A 2 vs Lewis C 0 – Scott 2

Murrays 0 vs SNF 1 – Rannal

Lewis C 0 vs Lewis B 1 – Donald

Murrays 2 vs Lewis A 1 – James, Dylan; Scott

Murrays 0 vs Lewis B 2 – Donald, Callum

SNF 3 vs Lewis A 0 – Rannal, Willie 2

Lewis C 0 vs Murrays 0

Final SNF 1 vs Lewis B 0 – Rannal