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Kings of the Castle – Bun Sgoil Steornabhaigh InterHouse Quaich

June 23rd, 2016 No comments

On Wednesday 22 June, at Stornoway Primary, the four house shinty teams competed for the Inter House Shinty Quaich.

Castle were first, Glen second, Ranol 3rd & Creed 4th. Castle captain, Calum Ross was player of the tournament. Calum has been a standout player for Lewis Camanachd U14s and for Stornoway in the Cupa na Sgire recently.

Thanks to Stornoway Primary, and Headteacher Annette Murray for the long standing support the school has given shinty for over a decade now.

Lewis 2 – Kingussie 9

June 22nd, 2016 No comments

Kingussie (with Ronald Ross in tow) made their first ever visit to the Western Isles, and whilst the scoreline was weighted quite heavily towards the North Division One side, who were a classy outfit and well deserved their victory, it wasn’t a true reflection of the balance of play and the application of our boys. Will and Ally were the scorers, and Donald was unlucky to have a goal chopped off for offside as well, and we were unlucky at both ends. A decent run-out for the lads but an end to our cup adventures for the year.


Photos by Conor Macdonald

Cupa na Sgire 2016 – Na Lochan a’ buannachadh!

June 20th, 2016 No comments
Na Lochan - Winners Cupa na Sgire 2016

Na Lochan – Winners Cupa na Sgire 2016

Bha latha uamhasach math ann Disathairne aig Siabost. Chluich oigridh Camanachd Leodhais ann am farpais sgireil airson a’ chiad uair ann am bliadhnaichean. Bha tri sgiobaidhean ann – An Taobh Siar, Na Lochan agus Steornabhagh. Bha na h-aireamhan caran iseal leis gun robh co-fharpais ball-coise a’ dol (iochd!) ach bha farpais sgoinneil ann eadar an fheadhainn a chluich.

Is e na Lochan a bhuannaich an fharpais air fad, ach bha deagh chluich aig a h-uile sgioba agus cluicheadair a bha an lathair. Chaidh Cupa na Sgire, an sgiath a thug SCOTS Camanachd dhuinn ann an 2009, a thoirt do Ruairidh MacIlleinein, sgiobair nan Loch le Donnchadh Mac an t-Saoir, manaidsear a’ chiad sgioba.

Taing mhor dhan a h-uile duine a thug taic dhan latha.

Lochs v West Side
2 (Ruairidh Maclennan) – 2 (Morgan Macsween)
5 (1 Ruairidh / 3 Innes Begg / 1 Robert Kearney) – 1 (Seumas Smith)

Lochs v Stornoway
3 (2 Innes / 1 Robert) – 0
1 (Robert Kearney) – 1 (Owen Mackenzie)

Stornoway v West Side
2 (Owen) – 5 (3 Morgan / 1 Lisa Mason / 1 Allisha Mason)
0 – 5 (3 Lisa / 2 Morgan)

Lochs 10 points
West Side 8 points
Stornoway 4 points

Top goal scorer – Morgan Macsween 7

A great day at Shawbost for the first Cupa na Sgire. Lots of great play from the three sides, Stornoway, Lochs and West Side, but it was Lochs who won a hard fought tournament. The new trophy, which is the repurposed shield gifted to the club by the SCOTS Shinty Club in 2009, was given by Duncan MacIntyre to Ruairidh MacLennan, Lochs Captain. Thansk to all who made the event possible.

Race for the Drams – June Update

June 19th, 2016 No comments

will v cabers

Great to see a few goals the last couple of weeks, and they seem to be flowing mostly from one man, Mr Church is back in town and the Duke is getting worried! Maybe the Drams are still safe at the moment, but Big Willie is hovering with intent. Also Ally got a goal, and didn’t have to feel guilty at deflecting Duffy’s strike in, so the Rubhach Klos gets into the charts as well.

Paul Duke 5
Will Church 4
Scott Macleod 2
Kenny Murray 1
Connor Chalmers 1
Eoghan Stewart 1
Donald Lamont 1
Ally Lamont 1 (For real this time)


Plenty to be said about this weekend’s happenings but that’ll be in a post later in the week.

Meeting John Cummings | Diablo

June 16th, 2016 No comments


The first in a series of informal essays with Iain “Diablo” Sinclair about shinty and sport in general.

Meeting John Cummings

Thanks to the fact that Camanachd Leòdhais was away to Aberdeen University last week for a North Division Two Shinty match I had a chance meeting with John Cummings, a native of Brooklyn, New York on the Ullapool/Stornoway ferry, The Loch Seaforth. John was on holiday in Scotland with family and friends and was returning to Ullapool after a trip to the Isle of Lewis.

I had been discussing with Will and Andrew the fact that I had a famous sporting relative who very few people in Scotland knew about. The reason that he wasn’t well known was because the sport he played is not widely played or followed here, namely Baseball. I said that however any time I had met US citizens or had been in the US myself, people knew him well.

John had shown an interest in our camans and we showed him a shinty ball too. I decided to go and have a chat with him to see if he knew my relative.

I went over and introduced myself. We discussed shinty and his interest in it.He had Scottish roots as his name suggested. And he was obviously a sports fan. I said, “ Do you know that I have a famous sporting US relative?” John and his party smiled and asked who it was.

I said, “He was nick-named The Staten Island Scot and he was my Granny Murray cousin’s son.”

John smiled and said, ”Yea, Bobby Thomson the baseball player who hit  THE  famous home run known as the “Shot Heard around the World.”But you know what Iain? He was playing against MY team!”

He then went onto describe the day of this momentous sporting moment. John was  a Brooklyn Dodgers fan and in 1951 he was in school the day of play off for the much coveted National League pennant. John said that word went round his school that The Brooklyn Dodgers were 4 to 2 up on The New York Giants. When the bell went for close of day he ran six blocks home as fast as he could to see the end of the play-off. It was the first major sporting event  televised coast to coast in the US and John caught the end of the play-off. But with the last ball Thomson hit a walk-home run and a looming defeat for the Giants turned into a 5-4 victory. John as a Brooklyn Dodgers fan said he was inconsolable!

The announcer excitedly repeated, “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!”

What a day that must have been for The Giants, as you can see on the internet from the televised coverage of the celebrations in the stadium.

We shook hands and said how good we had met each other in such unlikely circumstances. His first hand recollections of Bobby’s achievement made me feel proud. It was a delight to meet him and reminisce about a great event in my family’s  sporting history.

John went on his way and we went to our shinty match. Safe home John and your folks! It was a sublime moment that I’ll never forget. As Andrew said after, “It’s moments like those that make everything we do with the shinty worthwhile.” Too right Andrew mate!

As a postscript I was telling my mother this story. She reminded me that she and my father John MacIntyre Sinclair had gone on their honeymoon to New York in 1964 and met their US relatives and Bobby. Bobby was a big sporting celebrity but my mother said he was a very modest man who didn’t let the fame go to his head. She also said my Granny Murray was very close to Bobby’s family. She said that Granny Murray had pushed Bobby’s pram as they went down to the Broomielaw Quay at the River Clyde, Glasgow as they prepared to board the liner that would take them to their new life in  Staten Island, New York City. She was distraught at their leaving but always kept in touch as their new lives in the US unfolded.

It made me very proud that Bobby was obviously such a sporting hero and gentleman, sad that that we never met. So I’ll treasure this fantastic sporting memory and give it to my sons Paddy and Ronan who love sport so much especially The Shinty. Just makes me wonder what Bobby would’ve been like with a caman in his hand!

  • Diablo

Briathrachas Iomain – Gaelic Shinty Vocab Download

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Tha brosnachadh na Gàidhlig ann am bun-stèidh Chamanachd Leòdhais. Tha cleachdadh agus ionnsachadh na Gàidhlig gam brosnachadh do chluicheadairean agus do bhuill, air a’ phàirc agus far na pàirce. Seo dhuibh beagan abairtean feumail do chluicheadairean, coidsichean agus luchd-taic.

Tha misneachd nar dualchas is nar cànan a’ toirt dhuinn pròis nar sgioba agus nar n-eileanan fhèin.

Camanachd Leòdhais has the promotion of the Gaelic language included in its constitution. Its use and acquisition is encouraged by all players and members, both on and off the park. Here are some useful phrases for players, coaches and supporters.

Confidence in our culture and language breeds pride in the team and in the islands we represent.

Faclair – Camanachd Leòdhais


Kingussie Visit Lewis

June 13th, 2016 No comments

Kenny Mould Lewis Camanachd

So a busy weekend ahead. Kingussie Colts will be over on Saturday for the Strathdearn Cup Second Round match. They beat Inverness in the first round. This will be the Badenoch giants’ first trip to the island but not their first match against Lewis. They were our third ever competitive opponents in 2008 and they beat us a whopping 14-nil at Inverlael! Here is a young Kenny Mould battling gainfully to avoid becoming pixelated.

Our old friend Ronald Ross will be over with his team and we look forward to welcoming him and his side to Shawbost for a 2.30 throw-up. We would also like to send our best wishes to Jimmy Gow, who cannot make it due to ill health and we wish him a swift recovery.

Ronald has of course been over the Minch several times for youth development days, and we hope that the new Cupa na Sgire for district sides will be a big success for our Under 14 players.  This starts at 10.30am at Shawbost. Players can still be signed up via facebook.

Come along and support!

Ross-shire Sixes Report

June 10th, 2016 No comments

Lewis Camanachd’s under 14s took part in the Ross-shire sixes at Castle Leod , Strathpeffer for the first time last Saturday.A squad of seven competed for The Gunn Trophy and The Dundonnel Cup.They were: Robert Kearney, Andrew MacDonald, Dylan Glover, Lisa Mason, Morgan MacSween, Keith Bray and Calum Ross.

First game was against a strong Caberfeidh side.The Leodhasaich competed well for the initial part of the game before succumbing 7 nil to Cabers.The Trophy was being played on a league basis so next up were Kinlochshiel, this was the first time any Lewis side had played a Shiel side.Lewis played well and looked to be heading for a draw but Shiel’s experience showed and they knocked in 4 in quick succession to win 4nil.

The Leodahasaich were not downhearted and went into The Dundonnel Cup full of hope.Robert Kearney’s fine hitouts from goals led to the dynamic Keith Bray getting in a good position to lash the ball into the net to give Lewis a 1nil lead.Kyle which consisted of the Shiel team replied immediately but in a repeat move of the first goal Keith Bray again gave Lewis the lead. Shiel equalised before the final whistle. However this was a knockout competition and Kyle found their scoring touch and ran out winners 7 to 2. The other two teams taking part were Strathpeffer and Dingwall.

So good performances from the Leodhasaich and hopefully next year Lewis will be able to put teams into the primary competitions as well.


Race for the Drams 2016 Update

June 1st, 2016 No comments

So it’s not been the most productive season for the Race for the Drams media team this year, and if they didn’t stick to the old rule that friendly matches count the chart would look even sparser – but it’s good to say that after Cabers there are finally some new names for them to add to the list – Dukey is still well in pole position to claim a bottle if he can reach the magic ten. No once has claimed the prize since Will and Duncan both exceeded the mark in 2013, but plenty of games to make the whole thing more interesting.

Paul Duke 5
Scott Macleod 2
Kenny Murray 1
Will Church 1
Connor Chalmers 1
Eoghan Stewart 1
Donald Lamont 1



Paddy says “get to training”