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“Promotion” to North Division Two

November 30th, 2014 No comments

After the Camanachd Association AGM on Friday 28th November, Lewis Camanachd will be in North Division Two in 2015.

This is due to the restoration of the Ten Team Premier Division with the maintenance of the National Division One. The North Division Two may have ten or eleven teams. The club welcomes this move, even though the make up of the league will involve a significant amount of travel and financial commitment.

Club manager Iain Sinclair said “Lewis Camanachd are delighted to be involved in North Division Two. It is a huge step up for the club but we will take it in our stride and do the best we can for the island. We have learned a lot in our four years in North Division Three. Now is the time to step up and show what we are made off. We will not disappoint and give cracking sporting entertainment to all who come and support us to boot. Miss it at your peril!”

The only challenge that really matters is the shinty one, and with a competitive league, and a high level of club to play against, it will be a cracking league. There is no challenge this club has ever not risen to and we look forward to the 2015 season with vigour.

Ceathrar Leòdhasaich ann an Sguad na h-Alba airson Iomain Cholmcille a Seachd

November 6th, 2014 No comments

A-rithist, tha deagh àireamh de chluicheadairean o Chamanachd Leòdhais an-sàs ann an Sguad na h-Alba airson Iomain Cholmcille, an geam eadar-nàiseanta airson luchd-labhairt na Gàidhlig agus na Gaeilge.

Ged b’ fheudar do Phòl Duke tarraing a-mach, tha Sean MacLeòid, Innes MacLaomainn, Ally MacLaomainn agus Pàdraig Mac na Ceardaich uile an-sàs ann. Is e seo an dara cheap aig na bràithrean MhicLaomainn agus Pàdraig, ach bidh Sean a’ nochdadh ann mar an fhear leis an àireamh as motha de cheapaichean na h-Alba, leis mar a tha e air cluich anns a h-uile geam Alba aig Iomain Cholmcille o 2007.

Thuirt Iain Mac na Ceardaich “Tha sinn gu math pròiseil às na gillean. Tha iad a’ dèanamh glè mhath agus bidh iad a’ dèanamh Leòdhas air fad pròiseil cuideachd. Suas leis na h-Albannaich!”

Tha Eòghan Stiùbhart an-sàs ann mar Cho-ordanaiche a’ Phròiseict cuideachd agus thuirt esan “Tha Iomain Cholmcille air fàs an co-chomunn le Camanachd Leòdhais agus tha na gillean o Chamanachd Leòdhais air mòran a thoirt on tachartas a tha air cur ris a’ chluich aca pèin agus ris a’ chlub.”

“Tha Sean airidh air an tiotal mar an fhear leis an àireamh as motha de cheapaichean. Tha e air bhith aig cridhe Iomain Cholmcille on fhìor thoiseach agus bidh e cudromach Disathairne a-rithist.”

Bidh Alba a’ cluich Fir Uladh, a’ riochdachadh Gaeilge na h-Èireann air Pàirc Loch Innse, Glaschu Disathairne 8 An t-Samhain aig 1.30f.

Tha Iomain Cholmcille a’ faighinn taic o Cholmcille, buidheann a bhios ag amas air ceanglacichean eadar Gàidheil ann an Èirinn agus Alba a bhrosnachadh agus a neartachadh.

4 Lewis players, Ally and Innes Lamont, Paddy and Sean, have been chosen to represent the national Gaelic team, Alba, at Iomain Cholmcille 7 in Glasgow this weekend – the game throws up at Lochinch Park at 1.30pm on Saturday 8 November

AGM 2014 – Another Success

November 3rd, 2014 No comments

The 2014 Camanachd Leodhais AGM was a considerable success. There was a cracking turnout of 20 individuals with many people also away on the mainland.

The club looked back on a successful year of progress on and off the park and looked forward to the 2015 season with stability as the main aim, and this is reflected in the make up of the Club Committee, which remains relatively unchanged.

Chieftain: David Macdonald
Chair: Annette Murray
Secretary: Andrew MacAskill (Deputised by Sean MacLeod)
Treasurer: Kenneth MacLeod
Fixtures Secretary: Conor Macdonald
Marketing & Sponsorship: Peter Gomez

On the playing side of the committee, Iain Sinclair was reappointed as manager for a third season, which will make him the club’s longest serving solo manager. He also named his backroom staff.

Manager: Iain Sinclair
Coaches: Will Church and Conor Macdonald
Captain: Kenny “Duffy” Murray
Vice Captain: Will Church

The Youth Committee was set up on a more formal basis as the club seeks to develop a home grown league for youth players in Lewis and Harris. This committee consists of Iain Sinclair, Fraser MacLennan, Connor Chalmers, Graham Cay, Al Reed & Paul Duke. Al Reed was named “Head Youth Coach”.

Saskia Wilson and Anna MacRae represented the new Lewis Ladies and Nicolson Institute Girls sides and we hope that the ladies will be able to gain competitive action next year.

The club would like to thank all its supporters and sponsors over the last season. It has been an incredible year and we hope that we will see you all at Shawbost in 2015.