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An Open Letter to the Camanachd Association

January 31st, 2011 No comments

31 January 2011 – An Open Letter to the Board of Directors

A Chairdean Chòir,
Entry of Camanachd Leòdhais to North Division Three

We are writing to you in relation to your impending decision on Wednesday 2 February regarding the confirmation of our club’s application to join North Division Three for 2011. We are grateful to the Competitions Committee for its decision to accept our application and for our inclusion on the fixture list but we await patiently the Board’s final decision.
There have been several concerns raised throughout our application process and we feel that it would be of assistance to the Board and to our own club to set out once again our comprehensive and complete answers to these concerns.
We believe that we have made the strongest possible technical case for entry based upon the following criteria.
·         We have a dedicated senior player pool of 25, the majority of whom are over 21.
·         We also have a youth system that is involved with four schools and one fèis which is producing new players every year.
·         We have a passionate and hard working committee, which is functioning well.
·         We possess the financial wherewithal to meet all the entry requirements of the Association and to support our club on an on-going basis.
·         We have at no point since we entered cup shinty in 2007 failed to fulfil a fixture.
·         We have successfully hosted our own sixes with visiting teams from across the mainland.
·         We have secured a £2000 strip sponsorship deal over 3 years with Harris Tweed Hebrides and are expecting further sponsorship to follow in its path.
·         We have set up a 100 club which will provide a steady income for the club and we also continue to fundraise in other ways.
·         We are happy with having to play the vast majority of our away games in a block at the beginning of the season. This is not a hardship for us and fits in nicely with the change in ferry timetable which will allow clubs to make the visit to Lewis in a day via Skye if they do not wish to make an overnight stay.
·         We have secured the use of a park on machair land in Barvas, which after some appropriate ground works, will be ready for play on the 14th of May, our first scheduled home game.
·         We will facilitate the movement of visiting clubs once on the island in order to minimize costs.
·         We have been involved in extensive discussions with officials and directors of the Camanachd Association and have answered every concern that they have raised.
·         We want to play shinty.
We believe our application fulfils the Camanachd Association’s own objectives as set out in the Memorandum of Association as well as the current aims of the Association according to its strategic plan. We have gone into this process with our eyes and ears open and ensured that we are fully aware of the costs and commitments required of us.
It is not a sustainable position for our club to only access competitive shinty off-island. As a club we are unanimous that league entry, with homes games in Lewis, is the only way to ensure the long term survival of shinty in Lewis and Harris.
We believe that any rejection of the club based upon geography will have two effects; it will discredit any claim that shinty has to being a national sport, and will also effectively act as a ban in perpetuity on clubs from the Western Isles joining the league as the travel situation is not likely to change for the foreseeable future.
We will exhaust every avenue in order to achieve our dream of finally bringing competitive shinty to Lewis as we believe that the future for our club will be a bleak and futile one if confirmation is not forthcoming. Camanachd Leòdhais will add to the shinty family and not take away.
We hope you will ratify your Competition Committee’s position regarding our application for entry to the league and make the right decision for shinty in the Western Isles.
We look forward to your decision.
Leis gach deagh dhùrachd
The Committee of Comann Camanachd Leòdhais
Chieftain – Annette Murray
President – Iain Sinclair
Secretary – Andrew MacAskill
Treasurer – Daniel Gallagher
First Team Manager – Paul Duke
Fixtures Secretary – Eòghan Stewart
Fundraising & Mentoring Officer – Kenneth MacLeod
Club Captain – Scott Murray
Youth Co-ordinators – Sean MacLeod & John Nally
Past President – Conor MacDonald


Progress – but final decision still to be made

January 26th, 2011 No comments

Camanachd Leòdhais welcomes the Camanachd Association’s announcement that it will decide upon ratification of the club’s entry into North Division Three for the 2011 season at their board meeting on Wednesday 2nd February.

The Association’s Competition Committee has already approved Camanachd Leòdhais’ entry but due to delays caused by the wintry weather before Christmas the final approval was delayed. Whilst this delay has not been ideal, with the club making forward planning based on being a league club, we patiently await the board’s decision.
Camanachd Leòdhais feels it has made a very strong case for league entry and that we have answered any and all concerns that the Camanachd Association has raised during the application process. We hope the Board take the right decision for shinty in the Western Isles and that we will be looking forward to welcoming teams to our newly renovated park in Barvas for the first time come the Summer.
The club also welcomes its inclusion on the 2011 Fixture list which has just been released. If accepted into the league, the club will play its first league fixture away to Beauly on the 5th of March and host a historic senior league fixture in Lewis versus Lochbroom on the 14th of May.
This will be a major challenge for our small club but one we will meet with relish. We will meet every requirement of us and more and we aim to grow into a strong and valued part of the shinty community in the years ahead.



Official Statement from the Committee of Camanachd Leodhais

January 22nd, 2011 No comments

Camanachd Leòdhais would like to intimate that we have applied for and intend to take up a place in Marine Harvest North Division Three for 2011.

The club sees this as the best way to develop both our club and the sport in the Western Isles. Since the club was re-constituted in 2006, it has always been a long term aim to enter the league and our whole body of players was unanimous that this was the best course of action after a successful 2010.

We acknowledge as a club that some of our score lines since entering cup competition in 2007 have not been flattering but we would point to the opposition faced in those games. When faced with North Division Three/South Division Two we have performed admirably. We are sure that with regular competition against sides of this nature we will soon make progress.

We have secured an area for a full-size park and Camanachd Leòdhais will be working tirelessly to ensure that this new park is ready for our first home game.  The principle of home games is one that we as a club feel is essential to the future survival of the game in the Western Isles. Whilst we applaud the mooted Development League, it would not provide us with home fixtures.  These fixtures are essential to ensuring that shinty in Lewis and Harris does not wither and die.

The club will ensure it will have the financial standing to meet all requirements of the Camanachd Association whilst also supporting our own players in their travel costs. We have secured sponsorship and are seeking further support as well as setting up a 100 club. We also expect that home games will allow us to raise funds and further embed the game in the island.

We understand that fellow clubs will incur some cost in coming across the Minch but we also hope they realise that we will incur ten times the cost per season to go and play them all. We aim to fulfil all our fixtures and we hope teams will return the courtesy.   The movement of clubs and referees once they arrive on the Island will be facilitated to ensure costs are kept at a minimum.

We acknowledge the support of the Camanachd Association in drawing up their fixture list to suit ferry timetables, as they have done in previous years when we entered the cups.

We appreciate the challenges that lie before us but we also see the opportunities that league entry gives us.


Senior Training

January 13th, 2011 No comments

Outdoor training for the 2011 season will start this Saturday (15th Jan) at Stornoway Primary’s park from 11am till 1pm all Lewis based players should be attending. A midweek Indoor session will also be orginised soon.s

Bliadhna Mhath Ur

January 1st, 2011 No comments

Bliadhna Mhath Ur dhan a h-uile duine bho Chamanachd Leodhais.

We all know 2011 holds great promise for the club but lets just say the night out was in Seany Gob’s words “totally crac” and that getting 14 guys out for the first “Iomain Challainn” the next day was also “totally crac”. EPIC! Thanks to Sean for “organising” the splaoid and thanks to Iain for setting up the goals etc for the shinty the next day. Thanks to all who contributed and took part in both things. Let’s keep builiding the community and make Camanachd Leodhais a force to be reckoned with.